About Orhan Yücel MD.

Orhan Yücel is an associate professor of thoracic surgery. He is the first surgeon to perform many operations for the first time in the institutions he worked before. His work has provided scientific contributions to the institutions he worked in.

Operations he primarily lead-off in the hospitals he worked are:
- Lung Transplantation
- Pneumonectomy, Lobectomy, Pulmonary wedge resection and mediastinal mass resection (with VATS or Robotic Surgery)
- Repair of anterior chest wall deformity by Nuss procedure

He completed his Chest Surgery Specialization in Ankara GATA. He served as Assistant Professor between 2007-2014 and as Associate Professor between 2014-2016 in the same institution. Within the scope of his project supported by his institution and TUBITAK, he worked in UPMC (USA) on lung transplantation for one year. He has successfully managed and completed dozens of research projects of which TUBITAK supported three. He is the first surgeon to perform many operations such as lung transplantation, robotic surgery, VATS lobectomy, chest deformity correction by Nuss in the institution he worked in. He has scientific activities such as patents, books, articles, awarded projects, etc. related to the field of his specialization.

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